How to choose a senior photographer

September 7, 2020
Girl in front waterfall for senior portraits at Grounds for Sculpture NJ
How to choose a senior photographer?

Choosing the right senior photographer is KEY to being over-the-top happy with your images. This is your big moment to celebrate your accomplishments and cheer your future on! BUT there are tons of photographers out there to choose from for your senior portraits. So how do you make the right choice?

Ask yourself the following questions during your search to choose the right photographer for your senior portraits.

Is this their hobby or their profession?

Anyone can snap a pretty picture. So what is the difference? A hobbyist or beginner photographs for fun and has a separate full-time job. They might be able to take a pretty picture, but they may not provide you the attention you deserve.

A professional photographer has GOT IT DOWN. This IS their full-time job. They’ve accounted for every detail to provide a smooth sailing, amazing experience. They can offer you location options and they’re trained in posing you. They’ll be able to offer you a complete service.

Plus, a professional can guarantee consistent, high-quality work.

Senior photo of girl in lavender field
best senior portraits in NJ

Do you like their style? 

This is SUPER important. Every photographer has a unique style and vibe of editing. Some photographers shoot bright and bold, others have a very warm tone, some do only black and white pics! Some shoot modern while others keep things very traditional.

Make sure you like their editing style and can see yourself in their pics. Go through their work. The last thing you want to do is work with a photographer that gives you images that are not what you expected.

You want a cohesive, high-quality kind of work that tells your story. Make sure they can do that within their style of work!

Are they legit?

Serious question! Check that they are a legitimate business and photographer. Do they have good reviews? Are active on social media? Can you be sure that they are going to take care of you from beginning to end? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE? Or is it all…. Crickets? Dive in and find out!

best senior portrait photographer near me by NJ photographer Fabiola Photography

Do they specialize in senior photography?

Specializing in a genre of photography means they have experience shooting in it. You wouldn’t hire a product photographer to shoot your wedding. The same goes for senior portraits! Find someone that specializes in it!

High school senior portrait of girl in blue dress

What else do they offer?

What happens after you receive your photos? Do they send you some pretty pictures and go “See ya!” Or is there more to it? Do they provide professional makeup? What about product options?

You want to book a photographer that can give you a complete experience. Your images deserve to live on more than your phone or an online gallery. This is a celebration of your huge once-in-a-lifetime achievement.

You’ve picked the perfect photographer, wardrobe, locations, and makeup look. Make sure they offer a complete service so that you and your family can treasure your images for generations to come!

I hope these tips will help you choose the right photographer for your senior portraits! Your portraits are a special time and should be commemorated as such!

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