Tina Maria Shoes | NJ Branding Photography

August 26, 2020
model on a lounge chair wearing pink sandals

Branding photography for Tina Maria Shoes

Tina Maria Shoes is a luxury footwear brand based in New Jersey. Tina designs beautiful shoes that are crafted in Italy. I have been photographing her shoe lines for years. It’s stunning seeing her new designs and entrepreneurship year after year.

We got together for a summer shoot to capture her latest shoewear on the go!

model wearing sneakers on a bridge in New Jersey
Close up of orange and white sneakers on a model

This year, Tina designed a sneaker. First, we started with a more casual look to go with casual footwear. We shot on Neshanic Station Bridge in NJ. It’s a narrow, one-way bridge. We were there earlier enough that there wasn’t too much traffic! But every once in a while we scooted to the edge. That’s how I got the second shot above!

woman holding sneakers walking away
model in black dress posing in front of a house

After we got shots on the bridge, we headed to our next location- A beautiful home with a stunning poolside! The home’s decor made it feel like we were on a vacation.

However, having a branding shoot in the middle of a summer day is a team effort. I hid in the shade between outfit changes to cool off! The model was a trooper standing in direct sunlight for shots.

At one point, it got so sweltering hot we took a half-hour break to hydrate and eat some snacks to re-energize.

woman wearing sandals over a pool
woman wearing sandals over a pool

I asked our model to hold her feet above the water while I took some pool shots. A little daring, but we shot the photos very carefully! It made for a fun backdrop for the sandals.

Finally, finished up our shoot by cooling off inside the house. We took some creative shots next to a mirror and on the bed to a getting-ready-for-a-night-out vibe!

woman wearing heels on a bed
woman wearing pink heels

Even though the shoot was a challenge, it was worth it to get the perfect shots. Above all, Tina Maria Shoes now has a wide variety of branding photos that showcase her high-end products. I can’t wait to see what Tina creates next!

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