Charlotte | Bucks County PA Shoot | Senior Photographer

February 10, 2020
best portrait photographer near me by Fabiola Photography

Check this girl out y’all!! This is Charlotte. And she serves serious face. Not only is she a pro at the runway, but she’s also a pro in front of the camera too.


This kitchen is in a beautiful barn in Bucks County PA. I got to the location early to scavenge for some clutch shooting spots, and when I came across this kitchen, I knew I had to get photos in there. THEN Charlotte came out in this outfit and I thought “ok this is it!


I am so glad Charlotte and her mama let me lead the way and really direct how I wanted the images to turn out. My vision was very specific, and I wanted it to come to life! Normally when I shoot I give a ton of direction and guidance to make my clients feel comfortable while also letting them add their own style. But in this case, I could tell Charlotte was so thoughtful of her posture and how her body language would read through a camera, that my direction was a lot more specific. Charlotte had no problem adapting to it and we ended up with these stunning editorial like images.

best portrait photographer near me by Fabiola Photography

2021 Seniors, are you interested in having your senior session done by me? Be sure to get in touch HERE to check out the experience and sign up for more info! There’s also still time if you’re a 2020 Senior!


Talk soon!