AlbertGerald Tailor Shop | NJ Branding Photography

February 22, 2020
branding headshot with a sewing machine

Branding photography for AlbertGerald Tailor Shop & Formal Wear

There are so many big events coming up- think prom, sweet 16’s, and your senior session. You’re going to want to have a reliable and experienced tailor that you can count on. AlbertGerald Tailor Shop & Formal Wear, from Somerset, NJ, is the best place to find a master tailor.

I stopped by their shop to shoot their branding images to freshen up their website! While I was there, I learned so much about their family and history.

Hilda Diaz, Master Tailor at AlbertGerald, learned how to sew from her mother. She decided to start her own tailoring business from home.

She now creates a customized experience for her clients. The experience is so unique, clients come from New York and Florida for Hilda’s services.

Now, Hilda and her sons, Albert and Gerald, all run the business together. Their clients have been coming back for years.

When someone new walks in, it’s usually because they saw their coworker or friend in an outfit finished by Hilda.

headshot of a woman in a magenta suit

Besides their tailoring, they also provide styling and custom-made garments. Hilda has mastered custom measurements as well as pattern making. It’s perfect for the client with a vision, whether they want a custom dress or custom suit.

They’ll get to know you, your personality, and your preferences to create a one-of-a-kind outfit.

three images of business owners and store

I love providing all my clients with the resources they need to elevate their portrait sessions.

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