Team 22 |Tulip Field Photoshoot | Holland Ridge Farms NJ

May 1, 2021

Team 22 Tulip Field Photoshoot at Holland Ridge Farms, NJ

I am so excited to introduce to you the Class of 2022 seniors on Team 22! I created Team 22 for those that want to make new friends, have awesome shoots year-round, and gain confidence in front of the camera.

This month I met Team 22 at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, NJ. The farm is known for its vast tulip fields that stretch for acres!

I thought it would be so fun for the team’s first meet-up to be at this beautiful location.

senior portrait tulip field photoshoot


Christina is going to be a senior at Rancocas Valley Regional High School. She is on the varsity cheer team AND is a competitive gymnast.

We may be incorporating her athletic passions in her senior session 😉

Christina braved a surprisingly chilly day with this adorable summer dress. It’s perfect with the tulip fields!

I still can’t believe how chilly it was but Christina handled it like a pro!

girl sitting in tulip fields in New jersey
girl sitting in tulip fields in New jersey

The farm is huge! We spent some time walking up and down the fields admiring all of the colors and choosing spots to shoot. The variety was really spectacular.


Monroe is going to be a senior at Archbishop Ryan High School.

She plays competitive soccer and learning to speak Italian AND play the guitar.

Monroe loves the beach and summertime so that will definitely be the theme of her senior session!

She’s passionate about inspiring people to be their best selves and going after what they truly love and want in life.

Look how cute Monroe is! She did amazing!

girl sitting in tulip fields in New jersey

Now, I know it doesn’t look like there was anyone there. But my goodness it was actually PACKED. We chose a weekend date for our meet-up since, you know, these girls go to high school. But the number of people there was pretty bananas, and I definitely photoshopped everyone I could out of the background!

However, Team 22 did amazing being in front of the camera despite it being a little crowded!

girl sitting in tulip fields in New jersey


Monroe is going to be a senior at Archbishop Wood High School.

She plays field hockey and she is passionate about participating in Community Service Corps, Respect Life Club, and Founders Award.

We quickly discovered that Morgan is really good at twirling for the camera, and we had some fun frolicking up and down the tulip rows.

We’ll be planning a summer vibe senior session for Morgan and I am so excited for it!

girl sitting in tulip fields in New jersey

I am so thrilled for this group of amazing young women who are kind, compassionate, and authentic. These soon-to-be seniors are going to have an amazing year!

Their summer shoot is coming up next, and I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to make their shoots special, fun, and meaningful!

Class of 2022, it’s your turn! Get in touch ASAP if you want to get on my calendar.

Taking selfies with your friends is fun, but what I do for high school seniors is much more entailed and completely customized 🙂

Fill out my contact form if you want to be part of something special!