NJ Luxe Picnic Branding Photography

March 29, 2022
nj luxe picnic branding photography

NJ Luxe Picnic Branding Photography

Last year I had the opportunity to photograph a wonderful small business on the rise!

Lala created a luxury picnic service right at the start of the pandemic, Lalasluxe Picnic.

She has an incredible vision and attention to detail. I reached out for her services for my senior team. I wanted to give my seniors a unique and fun-filled experience for their summer event.

Before the event, Lala and I spent some time together for a branding photoshoot!

Lala puts so much detail into her setup. Her decor is cohesive and the tablescape she made for us was gorgeous!

In addition to her tablescape, she provided us with a fruit board, snacks, tasty beverages, fun games, and a teepee!

nj luxe picnic branding photography

After getting all the detail shots, I photographed her in her element as she put together the final details for the perfect picnic.

Finally, we got some gorgeous headshots of her in front of her creation.

nj luxe picnic branding photography

My team went wild for this picnic! It was such a fun and luxurious experience for both myself and my seniors! I am so excited to work with Lala again and have been thrilled to see her business take off.

Lala has a vision and passion with the utmost determination to make it a reality. She succeeded! Congrats Lala on your amazing services!

nj luxe picnic branding photography

If you are a small business owner like Lala, and you’re ready to take your business to the next level, a branding photography session might be right for you!

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