Burlington Township High School Prom Pictures

April 3, 2022

Burlington Township High School Prom Pictures

This lovely group all goes to Burlington Township High School. They were so excited to get together to commemorate their prom night and booked a photoshoot before the event!

One of the girls even confessed that the last thing she wanted was “crappy phone pics”. Her words, not mine but she’s totally right! After all, she spent all this money and time on finding the perfect dress, shoes, and getting hair and makeup done. Her friends did too!

It only made sense to get some professional pics to highlight their special day!

High school senior in her pink prom dress in a park
high schooler posing for her prom pictures in New Jersey
Girl looking over her shoulder for her prom mini session in New Jersey
Prom picture of redheaded girl smiling in New jersey

Everyone was so sweet and excited! Each girl got their own mini session with me.

I want to ensure that everyone looks and feels their best in front of the camera.

Even though these were mini sessions (10 minutes each!) I took some time posing them.

I also made sure their hair was in place and adjusted their dresses.

Putting together a prom outfit takes some time to plan out, so I made sure to capture a little bit of everything. This included the back of their dress and their makeup and hair too!

These girls deserved every detail captured.

Burlington Township High School Prom Pictures
Close up of girl with blue eyeliner

Finally, we finished the event with group pictures. The whole group giggled and had a lot of fun. And they loved their pics! That was the most important part.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to photograph this special moment for them and for their families.

We finished in time for them to make it to their prom, where they danced the night away ❤️

eight girls in prom dresses posing in a park in new jersey
eight girls in prom dresses posing in a park in new jersey

I offer prom mini sessions every year! Send me a DM or fill out contact form to learn more and get the prom pics you deserve!