Headshot & Branding Photography Princeton NJ

April 25, 2021
woman in a white top dancing in princeton nj

Headshot & Branding Photography in Princeton NJ

This week I met up with Carrie to update her dancing portfolio with new headshot and branding photos. She is a wonderful dancer and the founder of Big Sky Project and Big Sky Yoga & Wellness.

She wanted her new images to showcase her skills by combining the environment and dance.

headshot of a professional dancer in princeton nj

We met up very early at the Fountain of Freedom in Princeton. Since there are very few people around at 8 a.m.,  we got the entire location to ourselves.

First, we snapped her headshot. Even though we were focusing on her dancing, I wanted to make sure she got an updated headshot. This way, she can use it for her website, social media avatars, and for article features.

Due to the nature of her profession, we kept her headshot more casual and artistic.

I still focused on her face as a headshot should, but had fun sneaking in the sunspots and steps behind her.

After that, we got down to business.

For most headshot sessions, I’m usually on my feet the entire time, with a little movement here and there. For this, however, I was on the floor, on my back, and running back and forth to keep up with her!

Her dancing was stunning, and I loved the challenge of being at the right place at the right time to get the shot.

woman in a white top dancing in princeton nj
woman in a white top dancing in princeton nj

After we got what we needed by the fountain, we strolled through the University to get to our next location.

Dohm Alley is home to curated multi-media art installations. It features an array of artists, sculptors, designers, and creators. Carrie herself has performed at Dohm Alley, so it seemed fitting to use the area for her images.

woman dancing in dohm alley princeton nj
woman dancing in dohm alley princeton nj

While photographing Carrie by the fountain, I included more of the environment for a spacious, liberating feeling. However, when we reached the alley, I pitched her an idea. I wanted to focus more on her limbs. I encouraged her to dance and stretch towards me.

This put a wonderful highlight on her movements.

woman dancing in dohm alley princeton nj

It was wonderful seeing Carrie in her element. Her dancing was so vulnerable and raw. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity and the privilege to photograph her. I look forward to seeing her thrive in her latest ventures!

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