Couples Photo Session in Somerset NJ | NJ Photographer

July 16, 2021
man and woman couple lying on grass and laughing

Couples Photo Session in Somerset NJ | NJ Photographer

couple photo session in somerset nj

On a recent summer evening, I met Bryce and Talia for a lovely couples photo session in Somerset, NJ.

Bryce and Talia are actually from Utah! Utah is a little different from New Jersey.

So, they wanted a location that was abundant in greenery and nature.

I guess this is why they call New Jersey the Garden State!

I always offer my clients a couple of location options based on their vision for the shoot.

In the end, Colonial Park and the D & R Canal was the perfect location for them!

couples photo session in somerset NJ
photograph of a man/woman couple embracing, leaning on a pillar

Before reaching the D & R Canal, I posed the two by some nearby structures. These small buildings are cute and quaint, and I tucked them in for some intimate pictures.

By the way, these aren’t their engagement photos. But since they are living so far apart right now, they wanted to get together and do something special!

engaged couple hugging and smiling
boyfriend giving girlfriend a piggy bacj ride

What I loved most about Bryce and Talia was how goofy and open they were. Even though we got some lovely posed shots of them, I also prompted them to try some fun ideas! For example, I asked Bryce to give Talia a piggyback ride.

The final results were adorable candid shots of Bryce pretending to buck Talia off!

couple looking out on a river
couple lholding each other next to a river

Afterward, we made our way to a bridge that connects Colonial Park and the D & R Canal. Here, you’ll find some people walking and biking, enjoying the day.

However, it wasn’t very crowded and we still had plenty of space to get some wide-open shots.

man and woman couple lying on grass and laughing
man and woman couple lying on grass and laughing

Finally, I asked if they were open to laying down on the grass for some overhead shots. I loved how they turned out!

Laying down on the grass is not for everybody, but I love when my clients are adventurous and open-minded! It can yield in some special and unique portraits.

girlfriend laughing really big with her boyfriend, on a nature trail

I’m thankful they trusted me to capture them in their essence.

It was very endearing to see their relationship.

Plus, now they have the cutest shots of themselves smushing their faces and looking at each other in excitement!

If you’re looking to make special memories with your partner-in-crime, fiance, S.O., best friend – give me a shout!

Get in touch here for your own couple or engagement photo session. We’ll make some magic just like this!

Talk soon!