NJ Personal Branding Photography | Rgord Photo

July 12, 2021
headshot of blonde girl holding her hat on her head

NJ Personal Branding Photography | Rgord Photo

I had the opportunity to provide my client Rachel with personal branding photography. As a small business owner and photographer, I know firsthand that we spend most of our time behind the lens. But every once in a while, we’ve got to peek out! Rachel is a photographer as well, and it was time for her images to tell her brand story.

We met in the small town of Cranbury, NJ on an early Saturday morning.

It was a hot day, but we arrived early enough to sneak into the shade after shooting in the sun.

I always encourage my clients to meet early in the morning to beat the heat, traffic, and amount of onlookers.

However, we can always meet in the afternoon or evening after the sun as well!

It’s a great option if you’re not a morning person and don’t mind the evening the hustle and bustle of a town or pedestrian traffic.

Rachel wanted clean, fun, and modern images. She is also a brand photographer in NJ!

Her own work with simple and clean. It was important for these images to match her style, brand, and personality.

Since this is personal branding photography, we can plan for creative images!

For this shot, I asked her to give me a little hop and hold onto her hat. (don’t worry, I showed her how to do it first).

This not only added movement but gave it that level of authenticity by showing Rachel in the moment.

blonde girl in cream colored romper

Working with Rachel was a dream!

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