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March 11, 2021
smiling woman with a denim jacket and pink top for her actor headshots in NJ

Actor Headshots in New Brunswick, NJ

Your headshot can make or break you. For Vava, an actor based in New Jersey, she didn’t have the headshots she needed to impress and show off her potential. Her agent knew she was a fantastic actor, but the headshots she had weren’t enough.

After chatting with Vava, we agreed that she needed headshots that showed off her personality and range! We set up her session at the Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick.

I always give my clients a couple of location options for them to choose from. I provide location options based on my own scouting, parking availability, and the style my client is going for.

The location was perfect! The campus consists of huge modern buildings with glass exteriors. They also have a 1-hour visitor parking area, which was perfect for us.

Our location spots for Vava’s acting headshots in New Brunswick, NJ

Here’s the thing: it was a VERY windy, chilly day. We kept an eye on the weather, but as the shoot date got closer and closer, the forecast kept predicted a colder and colder day. Ultimately, we decided to go for it. At first, it was a bit crazy! Our hair was flying everywhere and nothing was staying put.

Thankfully, we made our way around the first building we were shooting at and took cover. The wind immediately subsided! Phew! The big buildings saved the day. However, we couldn’t stop laughing about it!

I handed Vava some hottie hands to warm up, set up my equipment and we got down to business.

It always takes some time to warm up and get comfortable in front of the lens.

However, after a few minutes, Vava was working it! She chose a leather jacket for her first look, which went perfectly with the background. She looks like she belongs on CSI: Miami!

woman in a leather jacket for her actor headshots in NJ

After that, we scooted over across the street to our second location. I whipped out a changing tent for her to change into her next look. Even though it was windy, I held it down for her to make sure she could comfortably change in private.

The brighter outfit was perfect for the second location, which consisted of a brighter, whiter background. Since the whole look was more colorful, she gave me her beaming smile for some shots!

smiling woman with a denim jacket and pink top for her actor headshots in NJ
woman in a denim jacker looking at the camera for her actor headshots in NJ

I had such a great time with Vava. We laughed through the whole shoot and conquered the weather! Most importantly, we achieved some amazing acting headshots for her!

If you’re serious about an acting career, modern, professional headshots can make all the difference in casting calls. I’m so glad we got to update Vava’s headshots to showcase her range and have her feel confident with her images!

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