8 Reasons why I love using Dubsado to manage my small business

February 23, 2021
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8 Reasons why I love using Dubsado to manage my small business

I spent my first five years as a small business owner without a CRM.

When I finally did decide it was time, I spent another year testing a multitude of CRM’s. I’ve done trials, compared prices, searched for discount codes, tried free versions.

There are tons of options out there, but I found Dubsado to be the strongest contender of them all. Here are the top 8 reasons why I love using Dubsado to manage my photography business:

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1. Full branding customization

Branding every single aspect of my CRM was super important to me during my search for the perfect one.
None of my clients, at any point, know what CRM I am using to send their emails, or that I am even using one. My emails and links are completely branded. What you see are MY logos, MY brand colors, even my domain name. Everything appears clean, professional, and seamless. Having this setup makes me feel good and confident about the experience I provide to my clients. There’s no Dubsado branding anywhere (insert prayer hands emoji here!).

2. Easy contract and invoicing

NO ONE wants to download, print, sign, scan, and email back a contract. I’ve been there and done that and those days are OVER. Dubsado makes it a breeze with an electronic signature for contracts. They also provide payment options through Stripe, PayPal, and Square for invoices. My personal setup is Stripe. Clients can safely submit their payment info within their invoice without getting booted to a third-party app.

3. Stellar customer service

I LOVE Dubsado’s customer service. You ask the little chat box a question, and it automates you a bunch of article options. If that’s not enough, you can send them a message with your question. They say they’ll get back to you within a few hours, but it’s usually way faster than that. Plus, every single representative I have chatted with is friendly, patient, and helpful.

Patience is essential to me, and they are so nice when I ask them to explain an answer a second time!

4. Tons of templates and resources

Any CRM can be complex and time-consuming to set up. With Dubsado, there are endless ways to customize forms, proposals, packages, payment options, and more. Dubsado has tons of articles to guide you through all its features. They usually have a video that goes along with the article, which is a huge plus. Also, they provide you with a wide variety of templates to help you get started. Plus creating or editing any template is super easy with their drag and drop elements.

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5. Time-saving workflows

I can’t believe I want SO long without a workflow that automates my emails. By setting up a workflow, you are creating a list of predetermined steps. After setting everything up, I remind my clients of their upcoming payments, send them invoices, and even ask for a review. There is no need for me to re-write the same email over and over again. Dubsado does it for me. Of course, I can still customize each email, contract, and invoice depending on the client, but 90% of the work is already done for me.

6. Value for the price

Every CRM costs money. But out of ALL the CRM’s I’ve tried and compared, Dubsado was the clear winner and the most valuable. And yes, I’ve tried Honeybook, 17 hats, Tave, Studio Ninja….

7. Dubsado keeps adding new features

They recently added a zoom integration, which I am SO thankful for. A client can book a zoom call with me, and Dubsado will generate a zoom link for me. How awesome is that??

8. You can start Dusado FOR FREE without a credit card.

Dubsado offers a three-client trial and the trial NEVER ENDS. You can take your sweet time learning the ins and out of Dubsado without the pressure of an expiring trial. For me, this was one of the biggest wins with Dubsado. Every CRM is complex, and you need time to learn if it is the right choice for you. This feature gave me the time to learn all that Dubsabo has to offer.

Do you think Dubsado is the right CRM for you?

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