4 Picture Perfect Locations In Central NJ

July 29, 2021
senior portraits in lebanon nj

4 Picture Perfect Locations in Central NJ

They don’t call New Jersey the Garden State for nothing! It can be overwhelming to pick the perfect location for your photo session. There are so many options out there!

I’m here to share with you 4 picture-perfect locations in Central NJ! Plus, photo examples and what makes them so perfect!

Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton

senior portrait in grounds for sculpture nj, picture perfect location
senior portrait in grounds for sculpture nj

This is one of the most well-known gems in central NJ and deserves a spot on the list. Grounds for Sculpture is a 42-acre park in Hamilton, NJ.

It’s filled with beautiful sculptures and well-groomed greenery and pathways. This location attracts hundreds of families daily. Yet, it is possible to get special, magical photos, even on their busiest day. I’ve done senior sessions there on a weekend. It still rocked!

Why it’s perfect: The possibilities and varieties are endless here. It is so vast here, that it can be full of people, and it can still look like you have the whole dang place to yourself!

Sayen Gardens, Hamilton

Sayen House & Gardens is like a mini Grounds for Sculpture! It is a slightly smaller 30 acres.

Sayen House & Gardens is a botanical garden also located in Hamilton, NJ. It’s filled with beautiful gazebos, winding pathways, water features, and tons of cute little bridges.

Why it’s perfect: This location is perfect for an elegant and classy vibe. All my seniors that love nature but want to dress up for their pics, this may be the place for you!

Round Valley Reservoir, Lebanon

senior portraits in lebanon nj
senior portraits in lebanon nj

Round Valley is a HUGE reservoir in Lebanon, NJ. It has a swimmable lake, tons of waterside areas, and abundant trails and walkways. There are tons of areas to explore and visit.

Why it’s perfect: Since it has its own “beach”, it’s perfect to get that summertime photoshoot. This is especially if the beach is too far away from you.

It is also a perfect fall portrait area! The changing leaves are stunning in autumn and call for a very cozy vibe. This is perfect if you envision yourself wearing cozy sweaters and boots for your senior session.

Colonial Park and the D & R Canal, Somerset

boyfriend giving girlfriend a piggy bacj ride
couple photo session in somerset nj

I have used this location endlessly for couples and family portrait sessions. But it is PERFECT for senior portrait sessions as well!

Colonial Park itself is a beautiful place to visit, jog, and have a barbeque with family.

But there is a special place I lead all of my clients to. It includes a lovely path that leads to the D& R canal. There are plenty of trees, cute little buildings, and lush greenery. The D & R Canal stretches for 70 miles! This section has a bridge and access to a trail. Plus, you can go by the riverside.

Why it’s perfect: This location proves you don’t have to go far for beauty. If you live near Somerset like me and want to keep things local, this spot is perfect for you.

Image above taken in Sayen House and Gardens, Hamilton, NJ

When you book a session with me, I will provide you with a variety of location options that I have scouted in New Jersey. This list will depend on YOUR particular vision. Whether you want a beach shoot, fall vibes, or a small-town vibe!

You might see some of these on my list! But remember, this is YOUR shoot and YOUR vision. Where ever you want to go, we can make it happen. I’m just here to guide you 🙂

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