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June 17, 2021
girl in gold prom dress twirling with her prom date

Senior Prom Photos | NJ Prom Photographer

Prom season was strong this year, y’all! I know there were a lot of “what-ifs” and a lot of last-minute planning. But I am so excited at what we were able to pull off this year to commemorate a well-deserved night!

I usually encourage my clients to book as in advance as possible. One NJ mom reached out to me less than a week beforehand for senior prom photos. Lucky for them, I had the afternoon available. I love it when it works out!

prom couple laughing

I met with the lovely pair and their families in Colonial Park, NJ.

Since they booked a small session, we kept the location simple and met by the paddle boats.

A small session is just 30 minutes, and truthfully, you don’t need anything fancy to get amazing captures.

The couple was so sweet and easy-going!

We had a lot of fun doing some fun poses and being silly for the camera, but it’s totally worth it to capture authentic, laugh-out-loud moments like these.

Just look at those big smiles!

senior prom pic of guy in black suit
girl in golden prom dress smiling

Of course, I grabbed solo shots of each of them. For any prom portrait collection, it’s important to get solo shots of each person too! They each took their time to look their best for their special day, and that deserves a capture.

Detail shot of prom corsage and watch
girl in gold prom dress twirling with her prom date
girl in gold prom dress pinning corsage on date

My favorite thing about photographing prom couples is how excited they are for prom. Unfortunately, seniors still had a weird senior year in 2021. Some didn’t even know if they were going to have prom! But these lucky seniors got their chance.

As soon as you know when your prom is, reach out and book your session! I even offer mini sessions for groups of friends and their dates! That way, you can all get your special prom photos together before dancing the night away.

Are you ready to book your session? Fill out my contact form so we can get started!