Professional Headshots | New Brunswick NJ

July 31, 2023

Professional Headshots | New Brunswick NJ

Here’s to another amazing headshot session- This time with Nkiru! Nkiru is a finance expert from NJ.

We met at the Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick for some indoor headshots. It’s personally become one of my favorite places to shoot headshots-especially when it’s too hot or cold out!

During her consultation call, she expressed her concerns with her previous headshots.

Technically, they were ok. The lighting and background were professional enough.

However, it was missing a key component: her personality.

It was very important for her new headshots to showcase that yes, she was a friendly and approachable professional, but not without also getting across that she meant business.

This is why a consultation call is so important. Everyone has different goals and needs for their headshots! I am glad that Nkiru confided her thoughts with me. We produced some truly fierce headshots for her.

Even though she booked my Intro Session (the smallest package I offer) we got an amazing amount of variety! It was such a joy collaborating with Nkiru to give her the headshots that gave her the space to feel confident in her field.

Check out what she had to say about working with me here!

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