Glowout Blow Dry Bar | Branding Photography | NJ

February 27, 2022
Glowout Blow Dry Bar NJ

Glowout Blow Dry Bar | Branding Photography | NJ

This month was Glowout Blow Dry Bar‘s 2 year anniversary!!

Glowout Blow Dry Bar is a fantastic salon specializing in blowouts.

They opened right before the pandemic shut everything down. However, they have prevailed and have stayed in business the entire time!

After two years in business, they finally had a chance to book branding portrait sessions for their whole team. It was so much fun!

headshot of hair salon stylist
Glowout Blow Dry Bar NJ

Since they have such a beautiful salon, we decided to photograph each stylist with a 3/4 body shot in mind, instead of close-up shots. This way, we get a sneak peek of their salon in the background!

portrait of hair salon stylist

If you have a small business like Glow, investing in headshots for your team is fantastic to look professional as a company, stand out from your competitors, and even boost morale!

portrait of hair salon stylist
salon branding portrait

It was so fun coming up with a wider variety of poses so each stylist could express their personality!

To celebrate their 2 year anniversary, they brought a big balloon and I captured group shots!

Make sure to head over to my Instagram to check out the behind-the-scenes of their entire photoshoot experience.

hair salon team photos

The team was such a blast to work with. They are so friendly and welcoming.

Glowout Blow Dry Bar specializes in blowouts, hair extensions, and makeup. They’re perfect for any special occasion or event!

If you’re located in Central New Jersey, check them out! They are located in The Shoppes at North Brunswick.

If you are a small business, like a hair salon, consider getting portraits done of you and your whole team. You have worked hard to build this business from the ground up.

This is your opportunity to show off how serious you are about your business.

Go the extra mile with professional portraits. These images will become a representation of who you are and how important your business is to you.

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