Family Portraits in Raritan NJ

June 25, 2020
Family portrait in Somerset New Jersey by fabiola photography

Family Portraits in Raritan, New Jersey

We’ve all been waiting and waiting for June to get closer.

It’s summertime, yes! But this year it’s also COVID-restrictions-being-lifted-so-we-can-live-our-lives-again kind of vibes. What better way to celebrate than with some beautiful family portraits?!

Family portraits in Raritan NJ

I will say I give all the credit to shooting at this location to this amazing family. It was so exciting when they mentioned meeting for family portraits in Raritan NJ. I had never even heard of the Nevius St. Sitting Bridge!

This bridge lives across the Raritan River and even leads you right into Duke Farms if you fancy a bike ride! (Duke Farms is also an awesome location to visit, FYI).

Family portraits on a bridge in Raritan NJ

Check out their outfits! Perfect combinations of blues, blush, and peach colors. Having 3-4 colors to choose outfits for family portraits is ideal for a cohesive look.

They came completely prepared looking good and feeling good. They were so excited to have some fun and capture those special moments.

It can be difficult to share special moments with family members that live in a different state or country.

This family, however, was so sweet to include more of their family via a picture frame. I am all for getting creative with portraits and this was a genius idea.

Family portraits in Raritan NJ

In case you missed it, we also have a graduate in the mix! Their session included solo cap and gown shots for the graduate, so we stepped aside and had some fun with it!

Senior Portrait photography Somerset New Jersey by Fabiola Photography
Senior Portraits New Jersey by Fabiola Photography

Towards the final moments of the shoot, the children were very excited about some post-photoshoot pizza. Which they completely deserved. And ice cream. Plus sushi. And whatever other food items they began chanting.

I will admit I also found myself chanting, “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!” with the rest of the family. I couldn’t help it. They were all so excited!

Thanks to this beautiful family for a wonderful time!! I’m so glad I got to capture such special family portraits for them all to cherish!
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Talk soon!

Family portrait on Nevius Street Sitting Bridge New Jersey